Kitchen floor designs don't have to have the industrial-look when concrete is the chosen flooring material. Although many design networks will refer to concrete as an easy-to-maintain but aesthetically minimal flooring choice, homeowners are finding the opposite to be true. In fact, concrete-aside from its many virtues as being durable, reducing allergens, being cost-effective, and easy to maintain-is gaining traction in the design world because of its capability to be designed in any way.

Whether being colored with a warm, solid hue, or having a multi-colored, multi-patterned design, concrete offers true customization for kitchen floors. And it can withstand the elements that kitchen floors are exposed to including foot traffic, food and drink spills, etc. No other surface, such as wood, tile, or linoleum, can resist chipping, discoloring, warping, and staining like a concrete floor can.

Take a look through the slideshow to see examples of how concrete is being used in kitchens across the country. Here are more useful links to information about concrete flooring:

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Logos and graphics can easily be recreated on concrete floors. Concrete logos are a great way to display your company logo in an entryway or office. There are many ways to add graphics to concrete, including technology that makes it possible to place high quality digital images on the floor. Stenciling and engraving concrete are also great ways to add logos and graphics to a floor. When it comes to concrete your options are endless. Following are pictures of logos and graphics that have been recreated on concrete floors. To see more photos, visit our Floor Logos and More photo gallery. Get five creative methods for creating graphics on concrete floors from Bob Harris.

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