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  • A custom fireplace surround made of precast concrete panels serves as contemporary mounting surface for a large-screen TV.
  • The gas firebox is low and narrow, so as not to detract from TV viewing. The concrete hearth was poured in place and anchored to the floor to give it a weightless look.
  • Preformed openings in the concrete accommodate the mounting system for the TV, allowing for easy servicing.

At the home of the Gossett family in Solona Beach, Calif., watching TV means gathering around the fireplace, merging high-tech entertainment with cozy comfort. “They chose concrete for a bold, modern look to enhance the room. The house has a very warm feel but is very contemporary -- rustic modern, so to speak,” says Chris Frazer of DC Custom Concrete, who specializes in custom fireplaces, sinks, and countertops.

The project involved precasting 1-inch-thick vertical concrete panels sized to accommodate the TV and gas firebox and fastening them in place with premium construction adhesive and several hidden micro-fasteners. The concrete panel behind the TV has openings for the mounting system, which allows the TV to be removed for servicing.

A large rectangular concrete hearth below the TV screen adds an intriguing design element because it seems to be floating in air. How did Frazer make it appear so weightless? “It is actually floating,” he says. “It was poured in place, anchored into the slab below, and reinforced with rebar. We then gave it a hard-trowel finish.”

Concrete contractor
Chris Frazer DC Custom Concrete, San Diego

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