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When we think of fall we think of leaves turning colors and falling to the ground. The colors of fall leaves, as well as their shapes and textures have inspired many concrete artisans. Leaves have been used to make imprints in countertops, patios and fireplace surrounds. Leaves have also inspired unique engraved and stained patterns and cast concrete garden décor. Check out these examples of concrete work which draw their inspiration from fall leaves.

Leaf Imprinted Fireplace

Absolute ConcreteWorks in Poulsbo, WA used ferns and maple leaves from the homeowner's property as stamps on this fireplace surround. Once the plants were removed following casting, concrete dyes were applied to the imprints to make them stand out from the background.

Engraved & Stained Leaf Patterns

The concrete in Morton Arboretum's Children's Garden was engraved and stained by Designing Concrete (Woodstock, IL) to look like fall leaves. A large-scale pattern of overlapping leaves was engraved into the concrete using custom made plastic templates. Then five different colors of stain were applied. The engraved edges kept the wet stains from bleeding onto a leaf of a different color.
Read more in Arboretum Landscape Design Showcases Benefits of Decorative Concrete

Maple Leaf Embellishes Countertop Edge

Coulee Concrete Designs in Lake Oswego, OR created counters for a river-themed reception desk. The edges of the desk surface feature foliage inlays. Plants from the northwest, including the maple leaf pictured, were set into the mold before the desk top was cast. Once the mold was removed, the leaves were peeled away revealing a personalized edge.
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Cast Concrete Leaves

Janice Opie of St. Catharine's, Ontario creates beautiful garden décor using rhubarb leaves and concrete. She starts by growing rhubarb and then casts the leaves into tables, waterfalls, and hanging garden decor. She hand paints the concrete leaves to emphasize their fine veins.
See more photos here: Using Concrete to Create Garden Decor

Removing Leaf Stains

Leaves are not always a source of inspiration when it comes to concrete, sometimes they are a source of frustration. This is the case when the organic pigments from fallen leaves stain a beautiful patio, pool deck or driveway.
Find out how to remove leaf stains from concrete

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