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If Irish eyes can truly smile, they'd be grinning from brow to brow upon seeing the Irish-themed decorative concrete work showcased here. All these projects pay homage to the Emerald Isle, either symbolically or through the use of color. Ingenuity and skill - sprinkled with a little bit of Irish luck - went into each of these projects, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations.

Stenciled Concrete Adds Irish Charm

This quaint home in Ventura, Iowa, is something you would expect to encounter while driving through the Irish countryside. Throughout the interior, homeowner Sandra Quintus applied her skills as a faux finishing artist to adorn the rooms with stenciled designs in an Irish Celtic knot pattern. She created an area-rug border effect around the perimeter of the concrete floor in the bedroom, and in the master bath she used the same pattern on the concrete vanity and on the shower floor to create faux tiles. See more photos of her work.

Using Beer to Color a Brewery Floor

Beer, Ireland's favorite quaff, was used by Todd Rose of Todd Rose Decorative Concrete as a medium for coloring the concrete floors in Lazlo's Brewery & Grill in Lincoln, Neb. The beer, which is basically water and a solvent, in the form of alcohol, was mixed with dye and sprayed onto the concrete surface. "I was really excited to work with Todd, pairing our beer with his artistic techniques," says brewery co-owner Jay Jarvis.

Two Women from Ireland Combine Fabric and Concrete

Tactility Factory, based in Northern Ireland, specializes in integrating textiles with concrete. This unique combination unites soft and hard to create a material with high levels of visual and tactile qualities. This one-of-a-kind product, invented by Trish Belford and Ruth Morrow, uses linens and stitched textiles to create colorful patterns and designs that appear to pop out from the concrete.

Concrete Bartop Wearing the Green

This concrete bar, integrally colored a light Shamrock green, was custom designed for the Coldwater Cafe in Tipp City, Ohio. A matching base at the foot of the bar is also concrete.

Stained Floor Patterned in Irish Tartan Plaid

A wall sign touting Killians Irish Red beer was the inspiration for this concrete foyer floor. It was stained in an Irish tartan plaid pattern using green and an amber red that’s almost the same color as the beer itself.

Old-World Concrete Designs