The Wall St. Journal's article, "The Eco-Kitchen Challenge," featured concrete countertops as the green material of choice for kitchen counters. Written by WSJ journalist Gwendolyn Bounds, the article follows her journey of remodeling a kitchen with green materials, countertops, appliances, lights, cabinetry, and more.

The selection to use concrete for the kitchen countertops is a huge measure of approval for concrete in the home. The article mentions that concrete was chosen "because of its clean look, longevity and two of its main materials, sand and water, are in abundant supply." Criteria for the counters also included that they be "stain- and scratch-resistant and otherwise durable." No alternative material could fit the bill besides concrete.

According to Bounds, "Natural stone, such as granite, can satisfy those criteria, but it can consume a lot of energy in transportation. I pored over eco-alternatives: a translucent, recycled glass material seemed fun until I learned the sheets were shipped from Italy. Companies such as PaperStone and Richlite make beautiful, recycled paper-based countertops, but the colors are limited." Concrete was the preferred choice because of its durable, eco-friendly qualities and its versatility in design.

This testament to concrete countertops provides another boost to an industry that continues to gain recognition. As more people become aware of concrete, its many attributes make it a material that must be considered for new home construction and economic, eco-friendly remodels.

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