Bathroom takes on extreme design with concrete elements

Concrete shapes the sink, shower, floors and even the toilet
Submitted by Silvermine Workshop in Wilton, Conn.

Ed Winslow and Mark Cheungof Silvermine Workshop in Wilton, Conn. sent in images of a unique bathroom project they completed. The concrete sink was basically installed inside the shower with a panel of glass from floor to ceiling separating the sink from the shower water. The shower can be accessed from both sides of the sink.

The sink was built in two parts. The bottom part contains the sink plumbing, and the sink bowl fills the top portion. The ceiling in the bathroom is the same concaved shape as the inside of the sink bowl, a feature the architect wanted to tie the elements of the bathroom together. On the sink is an overflow notch. When the sink is filled, water spills through the notch creating a waterfall that goes right into the shower. Winslow and Cheung used Buddy Rhodes mix, sand and mushroom mix. They polished the top of the sink, but left the sides of the sink untouched to leave the raw concrete effect. They also created 1 ½ -inch thick concrete tile for the bathroom floor and 1-inch thick concrete for the walls.

Because the bathroom is situated in the middle of the home, it has no windows. The architect came up with the idea to install 4x4-inch-thick pieces of glass in the ceiling to draw in light from the skylight in the room above. He also put 4x4-inch-thick pieces of glass behind the toilet in the wall to draw in light from the stairway/living room behind.

For the toilet, Winslow and Cheung installed a 1 ½-inch thick panel for the top and bottom of the toilet casing. They created a 5-foot panel on the front as well. The toilet was installed like an undermount sink, and they specially designed integral vents in the front panel. By using a mold of rubber 1 ½-inch thick, ¾-inch wide, and 8-inches long, they inset the rubber in the mold, instead of attaching a vent cover, so it would be integral with the front panel.

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