Creative Curves Are Outcome of Countertop's Challenging Size

By Khara Dizmon, Managing Editor

Surfacing Solutions Inc (SSI) completed a beautiful concrete countertop for a remodel kitchen in Upland, CA. The Taylor family was in the process of completing a remodel on their home when they discovered SSI on the Internet. With an environmentally-friendly focused occupation, Mrs. Taylor felt that her own lifestyle should be included in the green movement. So she researched concrete on the Internet for her counters which linked her to SSI.

"When I first saw the house I was very excited to work with the Taylors," says Shawn Halverson president of SSI.

"Mrs. Taylor has a great eye for detail and colors," says Chris Johnson of SSI. "She knew exactly how she wanted the kitchen to look when completed. I knew we were going to have to work hard to accomplish this; it is always difficult to match a customer's expectations when they are so preset in the vision of a completed job," he says. "A lot of customers allow us to have some freedom when it comes to designing and colors, but Mrs. Taylor knew what she wanted, so it was good but challenging as well."

Per Mrs. Taylor's request, the SSI crew used five acid stain colors from L.M. Scofield Company to create her look. Jared Denham, color specialist for SSI, came in to handle this task. "It is always fun to create something new with acid stains. The stains never do the same thing. They are very versatile," says Jared. "We carried the stain down the edges made from Encounters edge rock forms and through each piece to keep it flowing, then sealed everything with Concrete Solutions Acrylic Urethane."

"The island spans 11 feet by 7 feet. It was so big we used a bull float and Fresno to place and finish the pour," says Halverson. The project had to be separated into three pieces for transporting, so this allowed the crew to make beautiful curves for the joints to be different, which they carried into the shape for the upper island/bar area. "This piece was 10 feet by 32 inches so it created its own challenges trying to hang it on a typical wall width," he says. "They made a concrete support in the same curves to hold it up with its own unique look to boot. The overall kitchen area is about 21 x 35 so it turned out to be huge but obviously beautiful and unique."

Surfacing Solutions Inc.
Temecula, CA

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