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  • These countertops for a salon were created to look as if the concrete had been bent.
  • The vibrant colors were created with integral pigments.
  • The pink top was colored with dye.

Using a special mix with structural fibers, Innovative Concrete Systems, can literally bend concrete! According to Kimberly Carroll with ICS, no rebar or wire mesh was used for reinforcement in these concrete tops. "It's ½" thick, self-supporting," she says. "While it's curing, we can bend the concrete. We either bend it by hand or use molds to bend it."

The colorful tops (orange and green) were created using vibrant integral colors with a proprietary mix. The pink top was a custom designed white mix colored with pink dyes.

The bendable concrete can be cast on-site or in the shop. These salon stations were cast at the shop, the longest of which was 8 ½' long.

Innovative Concrete Systems
Little Rock, AR