Inverted Bowl Concrete Sink

Submitted by J&M Lifestyles in Randolph, NJ

Project: Commercial Bathroom for Restaurant

J&M Lifestyles did the design and fabrication of a unique sink for a restaurant bathroom. The design completely encompassed around the dragon heads the owner purchased from Thailand. They were hollow and were not made to be faucets.

According to Michelle Radley of J&M Lifestyles, "We machined pipe that was welded into the mount opening and aerators were inserted to soften the water flow and reduce splashing on the inverted bowl sink design which has a moat that is pitched to a drain. The backsplash is a burst of colors in glass tiles with gold and bronze colors that embellish the design and stay congruent with the rest of the restaurant decor. The cleanliness of the sink layout was further improved by adding electronic controls that are hidden in a panel faced with the same glass tiles in the backsplash. We also produced concrete moldings that surround the mirrors and the door as well as concrete panels on the lower perimeter of the bathrooms. The meticulous mock ups in our shop of the mechanicals and hydraulics of the design paid off in a flawless outcome!"

J&M Lifestyles
Michelle Radley
(973) 668-5057
Randolph, NJ

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