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Designed to reduce exposure to dust generated from mixing concrete and masonry materials, The Bucket Lid is a convenient, easy-to-use dust reduction containment lid. Manufactured as a snap-on lid, The Bucket Lid easily attaches over a 5-gallon bucket. The Bucket Lid reduces clouds of dust contaminates generated from mixing and protects the end user from breathing in hazardous dust and material. In addition, it helps keep job sites clean by reducing spills and splatter.

With three customizable cutout ports, The Bucket Lid accommodates a wet/dry vacuum, an arbor for a mixing paddle, and a built-in funnel. This customization allows the end user to mix wet and dry contents while containing the dust and liquid. "Using the Bucket Lid is the key when creating a dust containment system," says Kevin Laurence of Art of Concrete, Los Angeles, Calif. "It has absolutely controlled my dust contaminates and kept my jobs cleaner on site."

The Bucket Lid effectively reduces spills and splatters, along with reducing exposure to dust generated from mixing concrete and masonry materials.

According to inventors of The Bucket Lid, State and Federal governments are mandating more awareness to employee exposure to dust generated from concrete and masonry materials. The Department of Industrial Relations, California Code of Regulations, Title 8 Section 1530.1 states, "Among particular concern was exposure to airborne respirable crystalline silica. Respirable silica dust is a long-recognized health hazard that can cause or contribute to debilitating and sometimes fatal respiratory diseases including silicosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis, and in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)." The Bucket Lid is a unique safety product that can effectively reduce airborne particulate.

The Bucket Lid is manufactured in the United States and is a recyclable product.

For more information:
Contact: Kelly Long, VP of Sales and Marketing
L&L Innovations, LLP
5235 Mission Oaks Blvd #443,
Camarillo, CA, USA
Ph: +01-818-438-5247

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