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  • A 21,500-square-foot, 5-inch-thick concrete slab reinforced with Helix Micro Rebar and Enhanced PMT. When used together, this dynamic duo can help contractors cut installation time and costs while producing stronger concrete.
  • With their high tensile strength and unique twisted design, Helix Micro Rebar can replace up to #11 structural rebar and mesh in concrete slabs.
  • Enhance PMT can be used by itself as a chemical admixture or with Helix Micro Rebar to strengthen the bond of the cement matrix to the twisted fibers.
  • Helix Micro Rebar do not stick out of the concrete like some reinforcing fibers, so slabs can be troweled to a smooth finish.

Like nuts and bolts, some products are just meant to be used together. That’s the case with Enhance PMT, a concrete admixture that reduces drying shrinkage and hydration cracking, and Helix Micro Rebar, a high-tensile-strength steel reinforcing fiber. Although each product can be used alone, they are even more effective when paired together.

The “bolts” are the Helix fibers, which can replace up to #11 structural rebar and mesh in concrete slabs on grade, slabs on metal deck, structural walls, suspended slabs, footings, piers, shotcrete and precast concrete. Because of their high tensile strength (270,000 psi) and helical, or twisted, design, they are able to resist multidirectional stresses when integrally mixed into and dispersed within the concrete. By replacing rebar and mesh in concrete projects, Helix Micro Rebar can help contractors cut installation costs while producing stronger concrete.

The “nut” is Enhance PMT, a chemical admixture that seals the micro-capillaries in concrete to prevent moisture loss during the critical hydration period, thus reducing damaging drying shrinkage. When used with Helix Micro Rebar, Enhance PMT strengthens the bond of the cement matrix to the twisted fibers so they resist pull-out. It also blocks off water and chemical intrusion to protect the reinforcing steel and reduce volume change due to thermal expansion and contraction. What’s more, the admixture cuts the time crews have to wait before finishing concrete slabs by dramatically reducing the amount of bleed water.

In cold-weather climates, Enhance PMT offers the added benefit of providing long-term freeze-thaw protection. Concrete exposed to 300 freeze-thaw cycles exhibited no damage or surface erosion in ASTM C666 tests (Standard Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing).

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