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(Photo: CHENG Concrete)

Just in time for summer and for anyone eager to get started on outdoor concrete projects, CHENG Concrete’s popular Pro-Formula concrete countertop mix now comes in a weather-resistant formulation for outdoor use. Better yet, the new CHENG Outdoor Pro-Formula is suitable for much more than countertops, with applications ranging from planters and fire pits to outdoor furniture and patios.

Prepackaged in 1-cubic-foot bags, CHENG Outdoor Pro-Formula is simply mixed with a bagged concrete mix and water to produce a consistent weather-resistant mix for a wide range of outdoor concrete projects.

(Photo: Chris Becker)

(Photo: CHENG Concrete)

Award-winning concrete countertop designer Fu-Tung Cheng developed Outdoor Pro-Formula for his own exterior concrete projects, blending crack-prevention agents, fade-resistant pigments and freeze-thaw additives to give concrete projects made with the mix high resistance to cracking, spalling and color fading. The mix withstands all types of weather extremes, from the deep-freeze conditions of cold northern climates to the unrelenting heat and scorching sun of the Southwest.

In addition to being weather resistant, CHENG Outdoor Pro-formula is also user-friendly and suitable for pros and do-it-yourselfers alike. The mix is premeasured in 1-cubic-foot packages that are simply mixed with bagged concrete mix and water to produce a consistent blend of materials without the guesswork of measuring and choosing the appropriate admixtures. “CHENG Outdoor Pro-Formula eliminates having to buy materials from different sources, inventorying them and needing the real estate to store materials only available by the pallet,” says Mike Heidebrink, president of CHENG Concrete.

Outdoor Pro-Formula comes in six fade-resistant colors and can also be custom colored with CHENG pigments. This outdoor kitchen countertop and island were made with Pro-Formula in the colors of amber and saddle.

(Photo: CHENG Concrete)

Color and design optionsLike the original Pro-Formula mix, Outdoor Pro-Formula comes in a broad color palette. In addition to six standard colors (charcoal, sand, saddle, stone, amber and platinum), it comes in a base formula that can be blended with CHENG pigments to create unlimited custom colors. The mix also can be used for both precast and pour-in-place projects, allowing for a wide range of applications including barbecue surrounds, planters, benches, garden sculptures, tabletops, kitchen counters, garden walls and pavements.

A fire pit made with stone-colored Outdoor Pro-Formula. Total cost of the project: $500. (Photo: CHENG Concrete)

How to useTo maximize the strength and performance of Outdoor Pro-Formula, Heidebrink advises mixing it with a 5,000-psi bagged concrete, such as Sakrete 5000-Plus, available at local hardware stores. While Outdoor Pro-Formula is acceptable for indoor use, it’s recommended that Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula be used instead for indoor projects because it’s offered in a greater selection of standard colors and is higher in density.

An outdoor bench made with amber and platinum Outdoor Pro-Formula. Total cost: $162.

For more informationCHENG Outdoor Pro-Formula is available online at, where you can also view the colors offered and more examples of outdoor projects. Also check out these helpful resources:

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