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Reward Wall Systems has added a 13-inch T-form insulating concrete form to its iForm product line to eliminate the time-consuming jobsite modifications typically needed to intersect with a perpendicular wall. Not only will the new T-Form reduce erection time and jobsite waste, it will also reduce the chance for error versus cutting two straight forms and gluing and bracing them together.

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  • Reward Wall System’s new 13-inch T-form for intersecting perpendicular ICF walls saves erection time by eliminating the need to modify two straight forms at the jobsite. The form comes in both long (shown) and short-return styles.
  • The tie spacing in the T-form maintains a 6-inch on-center spacing, and the interior contour of the top of the T intersection allows for smooth concrete flow and additional strength during concrete placement.

“Before this T-form was introduced, you would have to field modify two straight forms at the jobsite, which requires measuring, cutting, and securing the seams to brace for the concrete pour,” says Troy Gibson of Reward Wall Systems. “The 13-inch T-Form removes any field assembly and has added support inside for strength when pouring concrete. Also, it’s one continuous piece, so there are no seams directing on the corner.”

The 13-inch T-form is available in both long- and short-return styles to create 7.12 and 5.73 square feet of wall, respectively. The most common applications are demising walls and partition walls, both in foundations and above grade.

Reward also offers a T-form for its 11-inch iForm ICF wall system, as well as corner, ledge and taper-top forms.

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