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Proline’s ledger stone form liner (blue) and Roman slate edge liner (red) snap right inside a round Sonotube form to impart a natural stone texture to concrete fire rings.

After removing the form, you can accent the fire ring with Proline’s EZ-Accent water-based stain and EZ-Tique water-based acrylic antiquing wash to replicate the look of weathered stone.

In recent years, fire pits, or fire rings, have become popular upgrades for patios and outdoor kitchens. Typically they are built of stacked hand-cut stone, which can make them expensive and labor-intensive to install. However, contractors can achieve the same stacked stone look with concrete, often at a fraction of the cost of real stone, by using the new fire ring formliners from Proline Concrete Tools. Made of polyurethane, the interlocking liners snap right into standard-size Sonotube forms, allowing you to achieve a natural stone texture on fire rings with no additional labor involved.

“When snapped into the proper-size form, there is no gap left between formliners. The liners fit so tight, they don't require anything to hold them in place,” says Tyler Irwin of Proline. Each liner measures 17x48 inches. Two liners fit a 24-inch-diameter Sonotube form, three liners fit a 36-inch Sonotube, and four liners fit a 48-inch form. However, the liners are flexible enough to conform to other types of forms, allowing you to use them for concrete fountains, pillars, planters, and walls. “By adding more liners the dimensions are limitless, in both height and width,” says Irwin.

Another plus is that contractors can use the liners again and again. With proper care and when used with a form release agent, they provide more than 100 reuses.

Currently, Proline’s fire ring liners are available in a ledger stone texture, but more textures are on the way. “The newest will be a small travertine ashlar with a hammered edge. Next will be river rock, then a bigger ledger stone,” says Irwin.

To create a decorative cap on fire rings or pillars, you can use the formliners in conjunction with Proline’s polyurethane edge liners, which are available in a complementary Roman slate texture. These liners come in 8-foot lengths and heights ranging from 2 to 7½ inches.

See photos showing how the fire ring form liners are assembled on Proline's Facebook page.

For more information:Proline Concrete Tools - Oceanside, Calif.

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