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BuildBlock ICFs are fully reversible, saving installation time and reducing waste to as little as 1% to 2%.

BuildBlock ICFs also make it easier to form corners and attach finishes. You can use the same corner form for right or left applications, and plastic webs are spaced in 6-inch increments for attaching studs.

Concrete homes built with 100%-reversible BuildBlock insulated concrete forms go up in a hurry because you never waste time determining if the form needs to be turned up or down or left or right to be installed. BuildBlock ICFs always fit no matter which way you turn them. You also don’t have to worry about block alignment, because BuildBlock’s 1-inch repeating pattern and molded cutlines pre-align the installation. For easier attachment of studs, cabinets, and other finishes, the forms have high-density plastic webs molded into place every 6 inches on center.

The BuildBlock system has reversible corners as well, so you can use the same corner form for right or left applications. The corner blocks are also 6 inches longer than the industry standard, which helps to prevent corner pullout and shifting and eliminates the need for extra bracing.

The horizontal and vertical cutlines on both sides of BuildBlock ICFs not only simplify alignment, they also reduce the need for measuring and leveling. You can use the horizontal lines to eyeball window and door header locations and use the vertical lines to note where to make vertical cuts for custom-sized pieces.

BuildBlock's 6-inch web spacing (versus the typical 8- to 12-inch spacing) offers a number of advantages. It eliminates the scallop effect that can occur when concrete pressure distorts ICFs during the pour and reduces the chance of blowouts. It also permits two extra furring strips per block per side, giving sheet rockers more attachment points.

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