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  • The colors of this residential floor were inspired by the ocean.
  • This basement floor features a color scheme based off of the client's favorite sports team.
  • The colors used on this church floor symbolize the congregation's beliefs.

Popular Concrete Colors for Interior Floors

This infographic shows the most popular color options for concrete floors, based on a recent survey of decorative concrete flooring projects on

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Colored concrete has become a very popular request in recent years. Most consumers know that concrete can be colored, but they don't know what a wide array of options they have. As their contractor it is your job to introduce them to their options and guide them in making their color selection. The best way to determine the right color, or colors, for your client is to get to know their personality and tastes. Here are 15 ways you can get color inspiration for a project:

Interior Color Ideas Using Concrete
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How to design with color.

  1. Your client's favorite color

  2. Your client's favorite food or drink

  3. Your client's favorite sports team

  4. Your client's favorite piece of art

  5. The colors of the furniture and walls in your clients home

  6. The interior design of the home, such as modern vs. traditional

  7. Your client's favorite piece of clothing

  8. Your client's favorite vacation spot

  9. A photograph your client loves

  10. Your client's company's colors

  11. Your client's love for bling - think metallic coatings

  12. A mood your client would like to create:
    1. brown = stability
    2. black = sophisticated
    3. gray = practical
    4. red = excitement
    5. orange = energetic
    6. yellow = optimistic
    7. green = refreshing
    8. pink = innocent

  13. Nature - the ocean, a river, flowers, leaves, an animal's coat

  14. Other building materials - granite, marble, wood, etc.

  15. Religious symbolism - use colors that represent your client's beliefs (especially appropriate for church buildings)

  16. Take cues from the exterior and interior style of the home or building

  17. Use Color Palette Generator to take any image on the web and instantly generate a dull and vibrant palette. Try playing with some of your client's favorite personal photos that they've uploaded to Facebook or Flickr until you find a palette they like.

  18. Browse the user generated palettes on COLOURlovers for ideas. If you sign up for a free account you can save palettes and create your own color combos based off of a single color or a photo. This tool is great for coordinating the color of the concrete with existing elements, such as walls or furniture.

  19. Browse our photo gallery to see what colors people have used for decorative concrete projects. You may even consider plugging one of these into the tools mentioned above (#15 and 16).

  20. Stick with the favorites, such as browns and grays (See our infographic: Popular Concrete Colors for Interior Floors)

Color choices will vary widely from client to client. Generally speaking, residential clients will pick safe, neutral colors, while commercial clients will pick something unexpected and exciting (see our Artistic Concrete gallery for ideas). You may want to remind your residential clients to keep the resale value of their home in mind - going too extreme may turn off potential buyers. However, one of the best things about decorative concrete is that it can be personalized. Spend some time getting to know your clients and discussing color options. Give them a unique product with colors that reflect their personality, lifestyle or brand and they will be thrilled with the result.

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