Secret Garden Statuary in Seattle, WA

Commercial or institutional buildings, especially those with classic architectural styles, are the most common applications for architectural precast concrete. Cast concrete lintels, window sills, arches, keystones, columns and other ornamental features are dramatic ways to augment the beauty of building exteriors. However, architectural concrete accents are also ideal for adding elegance and grandeur to masonry or concrete homes or to enhance residential landscapes (see Concrete Statuary: The Newest Art Form in the Garden).

Although concrete architectural accents are typically used for new construction, pieces are also available for retrofit applications. For example, Lucioni Arts of Seattle, which produces numerous styles of precast concrete balustrades, columns and post caps, makes two-piece surrounds that can be used to encase existing columns or posts (see photos).

To get design ideas, ask architectural cast concrete producers to show you photos of their finished projects or provide a catalog of standard pieces available for order. Here are several other good resources for project photos:

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