Project: Staining of an existing basement floor.

Recently, Mike Small "stained this basement using multiple coats of terra cotta and black stain diluted 5:1 and full strength black syringed into the natural cracks." The floor started of as what Mike described as "30 years old and DIRTY."

The stain penetrated fine everywhere except a 2' x 2' area smack in front of the door. So Mike came up with a solution, saying "I use a lot of colored sealers and CPC tint paste, so I broke out my arsenal of left overs. With 20 jars of colored sealer sitting around me, I started to mix and match." What should have been a quick fix turned out to make matters worse when he dropped a bottle of black, stepped in it and smeared it. "The floor was already scored and I had promised my wife I'd be done that night, so I colored a 3' x 3' square, but it looked silly by itself, so I randomly colored another 5 squares. Then, instead of telling my wife what really happened, I passed it off as artistic flare. She was impressed to no end," explains Mike. All this said, Mike now stores his left overs in plastic containers.

To finish the floor, two coats of SUPER cure and seal and multiple coats of wax were applied.

North Metro Masonry
Mike Small
Andover, MN

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