When it comes to finishing up a job and knowing that your work meets expectations and will last long after you leave, you can't chance things with a sealer you don't trust.

Isaac Jonker, owner/president of Nobel Concrete in Jenison, Mich., recommends Vexcon AC-1315 as the sealer he relies on. Read about the pool deck project he installed and used Vexcon AC-1315.

"The most important part of a job is to have a good sealer," says Jonker. "You don't want one that yellows." Jonker explains that when his company installed jobs, they usually had to wait until the concrete cured before they could apply the sealer. Coming back to a job two to three weeks after its completed and hasn't yet been sealed can leave the door open to a lot of potential problems. "This is a breathable sealer," says Jonker. "The concrete can still breathe after the sealer is applied, so you can put the sealer on in just a day or two. It doesn't drag out the job." Being able to rely on the performance of this sealer has allowed Jonker to get his crew in quick and get out quick. "This sealer has really helped our business with getting things done," he says.

Although Jonker doesn't use this sealer for everyday concrete, he definitely recommends it to use with colored concrete. "It's a bit more expensive than most people want to spend for just basic, grey, uncolored concrete," he explains. For more advanced jobs, Jonker says, "it really pulls out the color, such as integral and release, and enhances it."

Recommended by Isaac Jonker, owner/president of in Jenison, MI.

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