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  • ColorChrome in copper adds elegance and warmth to this retail shop floor. The system is available in 20 metallic pigments. (Photos courtesy of Concrete Artistry & Design)
  • Another view of the floor.
  • ColorChrome's metallic mica pigments can be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique, three-dimensional appearance.

Metallic flooring systems for concrete, introduced only a few years ago, have exploded in popularity, resulting in exquisite-looking floors that appear to be plated in precious metal. Now it's easier than ever for contractors to produce these stunningly beautiful floors thanks to the recent introduction of newer systems on the market that are simpler to use and offer more color options.

For installers, one of ColorChrome's chief attributes is its ease of proportioning and mixing. "APF has simplified ColorChrome so that you can achieve consistent results batch to batch with their factory-measured kits. It can be as simple as mixing Part A, Part B and pigment. However, for the more daring installers, they also sell the pigment separate so you can experiment and create countless different styles and colors and actually make ColorChrome your own," says Matt Dickens of Concrete Artistry & Design LLC, Tucson, Ariz., who has used the system for both residential and commercial projects.

Recently, Concrete Artistry installed the Copper ColorChrome kit at a 3,000-square-foot coffee shop that sees thousands of people a week. "It's been down five months, and because of the resin formulation, it looks like we put it down yesterday," says Dickens. Concrete Artistry has installed ColorChrome in both retail and residential settings, and will soon be applying it on the floors of a salon and a restaurant. "This material has such a wide range that it can go from residential to commercial without a problem," says Dickens.

Adding to this versatility is ColorChrome's selection of 20 metallic pigments, in shades ranging from pearl, to iridescent blue, to burnt umber. "ColorChrome's colors seem brighter by far than others we have used. The color palette is great. Twenty colors is enough that our clients have a wide spectrum too choose from," says Dickens.

For more informationArizona Polymer Flooring, Glendale, Ariz.

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