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Pervious Concrete Video
Time: 06:18
Progressive Hardscapes of Arizona gives an overview of the benefits of pervious concrete and shows the sustainable material in action.

According to Mike Riggs, owner of Progressive Hardscapes, pervious concrete is "an important element in the growing sustainable construction movement." In this video, Riggs lists the following benefits of pervious concrete:

  • Allows for water and air to flow through the slab at a rate of 3-8 gallons per square foot, per minute.
  • Integrates paving and drainage, providing a great solution for storm water management.
  • Reduces the amount of land needed to manage storm water runoff.
  • Helps to recharge, or replenish, underground water aquifers.
  • Greatly reduces water pollution caused by oil and other contaminates found on parking lots or streets, by allowing for the soil to naturally filter them out.
  • Lowers the negative affect of urban heat islands.

Progressive Hardscapes (PCW) is based in Arizona and has over 50 years of experience in the industry. Progressive's employees are extensively trained in pervious concrete installation and certified by the NRMCA (National Ready Mix Association), making them a leader in pervious concrete. Experience and training are vital when it comes to pervious concrete because the concrete is poured with a slump of zero and a low water to cement ratio. PCW also has experience pouring large scale jobs such as the one featured in the video. This project consisted of removing 10,000 sq ft of asphalt for Arizona State University and replacing it with pervious concrete.

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