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Know the outdoor fireplace lingo: Study this quick guide and sound like a pro.

Chimney system for venting hot flue smoke from fireplace thru chimney or "stack effect" (the pressure difference between outside air and heated air inside room or firebox)

Damper a valve or plate that regulates smoke and air flow up the chimney. Indoors a damper allows you to close off the chimney when not in use and eliminate draft. Dampers are optional in outdoor fireplaces. Firemagic makes a prefabricated damper/smoke shelf that eliminates guesswork.

Draw the action of the smoke rising in the flue due to buoyancy (hot gas, like smoke is more buoyant than cool air)

Firebox – the actual size of the area that will contain the fire, usually lined with fire-bricks for thermal protection

Firebrick – blocks of refractory ceramic that protect your firebox structure. Use a matching fire retardant grout mix

Flue – duct, pipe or vent that directs smoke up the chimney

Lintel a horizontal beam or header used to support the top of the firebox opening. Usually a simple metal "L" bracket

Smoke shelf curved space above the firebox beow the damper that reduces down draft and promotes draw

Spark arrestor metal screen mesh device intended to prevent sparks or other flaming debris from escaping into other areas. There are simple and decorative options available. Some spark arrestors have a rain guard to prevent water from dousing your fire.