"I highly recommend The Concrete Network, simply because about 60% of my leads now have derived from The Concrete Network."

Tim Smith
Cornerstone Concrete Technology
Kingsport, TN
Cornerstone Listing

"For more than 8 years, our advertisement on The Concrete Network has provided us with exposure to potential customers and the direct benefit of new customer inquiries. The articles, information and photo galleries are wonderful resources for our clients and staff. We consider The Concrete Network to be the leading edge of the decorative concrete industry and we are proud to be a member."

Stan & Sheila Squires
Table Mountain Creative Concrete
Golden, CO
Member since 2005

"Since I first joined Concrete Network in 2005, it has consistently delivered residential leads for my company. We have experimented with many other sources of advertising and nothing comes close to delivering the same results. In our market, most people research online. Once online, it is impossible NOT to come upon the Concrete Network as a resource for anything relating to concrete. The Concrete Network will remain an anchor to our marketing plan for a long time to come! "

Greg Hryniewicz
Hyde Concrete
Annapolis, MD
Member since 2005

"Most of my work comes through repeat business with Commercial and Industrial clients, as well as, General Contractors and word of mouth. The Concrete Network helps me connect with clients who then become repeat customers which helps grow my referrals. I joined Concrete Network because of the great recommendation I received about it."

Leonard Hartford
Carolina Concrete Floor Polishing LLC
Spartanburg, SC
Member since 2007

"It's been good to know it's a service worth paying for. It has paid for itself in jobs that have come out of it."

Austin Morrison
Elegant Polishing Inc
New Haven, CT
Member since 2008

"I have been with Concrete Network for many years now and the marketing money I spend with them is about 10% of my monthly total. I can say that about 70% of the leads my company receives comes from Concrete Network. I'm blessed to be a part of a massive web site engine where clients can find me fast and easy. I am getting my money's worth in spades."

Cary Grant
Floor Seasons Inc
North Las Vegas, NV
Member since 2004

"Concrete Network is my main advertising source for consistent leads."

Mike McAnulty
Vegas Hardscape
Las Vegas, NV
Member since 2011

"While I largely agree with the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is" I am pleased to say it is also an ABSOLUTE "that there is an exception to every rule". One such example is Jim Peterson and The Concrete Network team.

Understanding that leadership begins at the top, Jim, Dan and The Concrete Network team continues to prove year in and year out, that honest hard working people producing a superior product and customer service will continue to grow and be successful."

Steve Silberman
Absolute ConcreteWorks
Poulsbo, WA
Member since 2005

"I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with everything C.N. has done for my business. When I first started taking training classes for Decorative Concrete in 2003, the most important discussion was about how to advertise "your company". After almost two years of classes I felt I was ready to step up to the plate and go out on my own.

To this day C.N. is still the only type of advertising I have ever done or felt I need to do to keep my business running strong."

Marty Meewis
Colors on Concrete
Upland, CA
Member since 2005

"Dear Jim:

If you will recall, I am that two-fingered typist who found your web site one night, three months ago and emailed you with questions. To my surprise, you answered me the following day. I knew immediately after speaking with you that I was dealing with a man as passionate about his work as I am. As a concrete contractor I had been wrestling for some time with extremely limited knowledge of how to utilize the web to my business advantage. I feel very fortunate that you were there to guide me down that blind alley.

In a matter of days you had me up and running with my own domain name and web site. I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me to finally be able to present my product to the world. I can now give contractors, architects, and prospective clients a place to go view our work. This is such a time saving tool for me because I used to drag samples and portfolios all around the Bay area.

One thing I did not expect is the dozens of emails from around the world. Not only are homeowners contacting us, but architects and other contractors as well. In the past three weeks, we have looked at eighty thousand dollars worth of potential work generated solely from Concretenetwork.com and the web site. I have signed contracts for thirty-six thousand dollars. This has all happened so fast, I have not even had time to print the web site on our business cards. I have had to hand write them. For example, our new customer who found us on Concretenetwork.com introduced us to her architect. I could not have picked a better design to showcase our applications. That architect, in turn, has expressed a desire to work with us on other projects.

I would like to thank you and your staff for your dedication, efficiency, and accessibility. In the dozens of times I have dialed your toll-free number I have yet to leave a message with a machine. There has always been someone available to assist me. It is a pleasure working with a company of your caliber. I can't wait to see the new, innovative ways you will come up with to connect the customer to the contractor. If you have someone interested in advertising with you who is reluctant to do so, please have them contact me so I can assure them that the benefits are unlimited, and that I can share with them all the wonders I have experienced through Concretenetwork.com."

David Pettigrew
Diamond D Company
Capitola, CA
Member since 2001

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