8 Tips for Hiring a Concrete Contractor Use this guide to make sure you're prepared when it comes to hiring a contractor. These 8 simple steps are your key to knowing what information you should look for, what questions you should ask, and to understanding some vital do's and don'ts during the process. Your preparedness can make a difference in how smoothly your project gets installed. Print a copy of this diagram and refer to it through each step of your project. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying your new concrete too!

5 Things Your Concrete Contractor Wants You to Know

Five videos with tips on how to hire a contractor.

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* ConcreteNetwork.com does not own or manage any of the above listed companies. Thus the buyer accepts responsibility for doing due diligence on any firm prior to contracting with them. 1. Check references (Ask the company) 2. Check with licensing authorities. Not all states require a license. 3. Check with the Better Business Bureau (http://www.bbb.org)