Decorative concrete expert, Chris Sullivan, provides in-depth answers to common problems associated with acid staining concrete. Find answers to common questions and ask your own questions.

Why Does Water Migrate through an Acrylic Sealer?

We applied a dry-shake color hardener to a concrete floor slab and then sealed with a solvent-based acrylic sealer. Why does water when left on the surface of the floor seep through the sealer?

Preventing Moisture Problems in Concrete Sealers

Because of the high moisture readings, should I do this job? Is 4 pounds a strict guide, or are there some tolerances? For example, is 6.58 pounds acceptable but something higher, like 12 pounds, too high? This is the first time I have done a test like th

Sealers for Underwater Exposure

We are installing a concrete garden fountain, and I plan to stain it myself. What are the best stain and sealer products for this type of project, and what maintenance is required?

Maximum Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate for Applying Sealers

What is the standard allowable moisture vapor transmission (MVT) rate when applying sealers?

Effects of Condensation and Dew Point on Sealer Performance

How do humidity levels and dew points affect sealer application over architectural concrete? Humidity is the measure, in percent, of how much moisture is in the air. When humidity reaches 100%, it rains. Dew point is the temperature at which humidity in t

Polyurethane Sealer Reacts with Water

I applied a two-part solvent-based polyurethane sealer over stained concrete. In certain random areas, the sealer foamed and bubbled. What caused this foaming, and how do I fix it?

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