Decorative concrete expert, Chris Sullivan, provides in-depth answers to common problems associated with acid staining concrete. Find answers to common questions and ask your own questions.

Spots on Stamped Pool Deck May Be Sealer Diffusion

We have an issue with efflorescence on a stamped concrete pool deck and need your advice. The last time the pool deck was sealed was about three years ago. About a month ago, we resealed the deck and now it has white spots.

Epoxy in Sawcuts Leaves White Haze

I love the way the epoxy looks, but there are minor imperfections, such as trapped lint and small bubbles, that keep the surface from looking like a perfect sheet of glass. Also, there are really deep sawcut lines in the floor (1 to 2 inches), and the epoxy that went into the sawcuts stayed a milky white color.

Beware of Applying Acrylic Sealer Too Thickly

Normally when my sealer has moisture issues, it appears cloudy. Some of these spots almost appear as if the sealer has cracks in it. It's weird!

Cause of Dull Spots in Sealed Floor

How do I now reseal over the original sealer?

Removing Bubbles and Roller Marks in a Sealer

While applying the primer on the first half of the floor, I could see roller marks and bubbles and the primer started to string up on me. I mixed a new batch and proceeded to finish rolling the rest of the floor but at a much faster pace, and I seemed to

Blotchy Spots of Gloss in a Sealed Floor

I recently applied two coats of an acrylic sealer to a stained floor. After the sealer dried, the floor appeared blotchy, with some areas glossy and others not. What causes this, and should I apply more sealer to remedy the situation?

Hot Tire Marks on a Sealed Driveway

Why do car tires leave black marks on my sealed driveway? How do I avoid this and remove the existing tire marks?

Avoiding Roller Lap Lines in Sealer

I applied sealer with a roller and ended up with lap lines. How do I prevent these lines, and is there a way to remove them?

Solvent-Based Sealer Produces 'Spider Web' Effect

While I was using a roller to apply a solvent-based acrylic sealer on an outside patio, the sealer came off the roller in long, thin, white strands. Now the sealed surface looks blotchy and uneven. What happened, and how do I avoid it.

Sealer Failure on Stamped Concrete Driveway

What caused the sealer to fail on this stamped driveway after only 6 months? This project was placed using a light beige color hardener, and then stamped with liquid release and a slate seamless skin. The secondary color was obtained with a medium brown a

Blisters, Bubbles on Sealer Surface

Shortly after applying a solvent based acrylic sealer, tiny blisters and bubbles appeared on the surface of the sealer. What are these, and how do I get rid of them?

Sealed Surface is Hazy White and Blotchy

On a project in Florida in mid September, I applied a microtoppping on Monday, acid stained on Tuesday, neutralized and cleaned the stained surface on Wednesday morning, let the floor dry in 95F heat for 2 ½ hours, and applied the sealer as directed. The

Color Differences in Sealed Surface

This driveway was integrally colored and has a very light brush finish. The concrete was all the same color before sealing, but dramatic color differences occurred after sealing (see photo).

How to Fix Uneven Gloss on Sealed Concrete Floors

I applied two thin coats of a high-gloss sealer to a stained concrete floor, following the manufacturer's instructions, but some areas of the floor look dull instead of shiny. What went wrong, and how do I fix the problem to achieve a uniform shine?

How to Avoid the Orange Peel Look

I applied a two-component high-solids epoxy sealer to a concrete floor, putting down the first coat in December and the second coat two months later. Prior to applying the second coat, I sanded the floor and wiped it with xylene. I used a squeegee to apply the sealer, then rolled it with an epoxy roller with a 1/8-inch nap thickness. Then I rolled over it with a spike roller. The sealer did not lay out smoothly, and is very uneven and rough. What went wrong, and how do I fix it?

Release Powder Causing Sealer Discoloration

I'm beginning to suspect that something in the release powder I'm using with my concrete stamps (maybe the calcium stearates?) is causing sealer discoloration. Have you observed this? It seems to happen more with particular charcoal-gray releases. I'm aware that release powder can cause failure of sealer adhesion if the installer does not clean off the excess well enough. Do you have any other advice?

Cloudy Sealer May Signal It's Time to Strip and Reseal

I have a colored, exposed-aggregate driveway. Over the years, the sealer has become more and more cloudy.

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