Kim Longo of Faux Villa Decorative Finishes Studio submitted these pictures of the steps she took to refinish an existing concrete floor. Using Colormaker products, Longo transformed the room adding a Modello border stencil and color to the floor.

Existing cement floor has been prepared and primed with CP1000.

Existing concrete is approximately 4/8" lower than the adjoining travertine. To raise the level of the floor prior to installation of the Pentimento which has a 1/8" maximum thickness, white Pterra was applied over the 400 square foot living/dining room.

Pentimento (by Colormaker) colored with Micah tint was applied using a Turbo Roller to achieve 1/8" thickness, followed by hand troweling..

Waterbased Someru Dye was applied in Ochre over the Pentimento and the floor was prepared for the application of Decographic Dye in Peru over a Modello border around the perimeter of the room.

Faux Villa Decorative Finishes Studio
Kim Longo
619- 987-1276

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