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No decorative concrete walkway installation is complete without the application of a sealer. This final layer of protection will not only prolong the life of your walkway, but also enhance its beauty and make the concrete easier to clean and maintain.

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Film-forming sealers are the type most often used for decorative concrete work, and they do just what the name implies—form a protective film on the surface of the concrete that will prevent the intrusion of water, chlorides and harmful deicing chemicals. Most of them also impart a sheen that highlights the beauty of colored or exposed aggregate finishes.

Tip: Look for a walkway sealer that offers UV-resistance and breathability and reseal every few years, or as needed.

Because good traction is important on walkway surfaces, a slip-resistant additive such as Traction Grip from Brickform can be mixed into the sealer before application to improve traction.

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