Since its enactment, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has become an important requirement in all public construction projects. Scottsdale-based RampDome Systems, LLC has just introduced and received U.S. Patent (#6,939,078) in record time compared to patent standards for a brand new product for the detectable warnings that the ADA requires at curb ramps, transit platform edges and hazardous vehicular ways. Largely because they are easier to install, offer high resiliency and are more economical than existing systems, RampDome Systems innovative lightweight concrete truncated domes are creating a buzz of excitement on the part of public works departments and construction companies across the Valley, and plans are to take it nationwide.

People who live with vision impairment understand the true importance of detectable warnings as an aid that allows them to safely navigate pedestrian street crossings, including curb ramps and blended transitions, certain median and refuge islands, and rail lines. The requirement for universal compliance is actually relatively recent. In July 2001, after a 10-year suspension for research, the U.S. Department of Justice made installation of detectable warnings mandatory at such crossings.

RampDome Systems, LLC developed their lightweight concrete truncated domes as an improvement on existing systems. Initial cost and replacement are significantly less than the currently used rubber strips and over time, the domes require much less maintenance. All are factors that make the RampDome surface noticeably more cost effective, particularly over a long term. That benefit alone has public works agencies developers, and construction companies who are just now becoming familiar with the new product understandably excited about incorporating them into their specs. Various cities across Phoenix Metropolitan area have already started installing the RampDome product.

The RampDome System surface is a series of long-lasting lightweight concrete domes that are easily installed by simply lowering them into a metal form that has been cast into the ramp. The domes are extremely durable and withstand heavier vehicle traffic exceptionally well. If they should crack; however, replacement merely requires simple tools that fit smoothly into a built-in access point. Of particular interest to builders such as those who develop high-end communities and shopping centers, is the systems attractive appearance. It sits flush with sidewalk ramps and only the 0.2-inch dome is detectable above the surrounding surface. RampDomes are also available in any color. The only limitation of color selection is that, in accordance with ADA Guidelines, it must contrast to the surrounding surface.

Current detectable warning surfaces feature little more than rubber strips glued to existing cement, a method that was prone to deterioration and required regular replacement. Because they are mounted on top of the surface, the rubber strips also result in a noticeable change in surface level that, for some individuals, can be an impediment to mobility. Finally, available in limited colors, they have little esthetic value, a factor that has not been popular with high-end developers.

RampDome Systems, LLC was designed by a four-some of construction professionals with extensive experience in public road construction. They fully expect this new design will revolutionize the way the construction industry deals with the warning surface requirements mandated by the ADA. In the long run, the true benefit is in a greater value for dollars spent on this vital public safety requirement.

For further information contact RampDome Systems, LLC at 602-791-2818, 15111 N. Hayden Rd. #160-359, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 or

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