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  • Severe cracks were a challenge on this project.
  • The cracks were repaired prior to leveling.
  • Here you can see the leveler in action.
  • This is the end result - beautiful, smooth and level concrete slabs.

The City of Laguna Nigel has an expansive municipal campus on Crown Valley Parkway that was in need of major upgrades and renovations. Their first step was to build a new $24 million City Hall that just opened in late December. The next was to renovate and upgrade the existing buildings on the property, which started out with Covalt Floor Leveling, Inc. on the scene for the entire subfloor resurfacing phase. Covalt Floor Leveling, completed an impressive 4,000 square foot concrete repair and resurfacing project in only two days.

The City of Laguna Niguel occupies a small basin at the southern end of the San Joaquin Hills, a small coastal mountain range in southern Orange County. The municipal offices of this beautiful, affluent community were in major need of concrete subfloor repairs and leveling after close to 20 years of use. With the size and scope of the project, Covalt Floor Leveling sent a crew of seven professional concrete contractors to the sprawling, multi-building city complex over the city’s holiday break and the team finished well-ahead of schedule. The flawless repair and concrete subfloor leveling work completed by Covalt Floor Leveling also provided early access for the flooring installers, and helped keep this large-scale project on pace for the Laguna Niguel city officials that occupy these busy offices and administrative buildings.

Covalt Floor Leveling faced some serious challenges on this fast-paced project, namely severe cracks in the original suspended concrete slabs that needed to be repaired, resurfaced and made perfectly level. The Covalt Floor Leveling team worked closely with Laguna Niguel facility managers and engineers in the planning stages to identify the various office buildings and particular areas of concern to ensure a smooth, fast and problem-free concrete repair and subfloor leveling project.

“These are busy, commercial/municipal-type offices with years of mostly normal wear and tear from heavy foot-traffic,” said Martin Covalt, President of Covalt Floor Leveling in Orange County. “This created a few different challenges for our team. The first was that almost every building had subfloors that were badly damaged with severely cracked suspended concrete slabs. And then because these were all busy city office buildings, we needed to step up our pace without compromising the high standard of quality we take a great deal of pride in. We have 30 years of experience in residential concrete repair, as well as in large-scale commercial projects just like the Laguna Niguel office park. In the end our experience helped us overcome every obstacle and deliver perfectly level concrete subfloors - in just two days. It goes without saying that I was very pleased with our staff. They were precise, accurate, meticulous and fast, while creating beautiful, smooth and level concrete slabs for the future installation of carpet and porcelain tile flooring.”

Concrete Contractor Covalt Floor Leveling, Inc.
San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

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