Jackson admits that the cost of the materials used for the Fortress Stabilization system is more than 60% of the cost of steel. However, the installed price can be far less than that of current steel alternatives when you consider the higher resale value of the home. And Jackson anticipates that the cost of carbon-fiber-reinforced repair materials will drop as they become more widely used.

"Just 5 or 10 years ago, the cost was twice as much as it is today," he says. "Now carbon fibers are produced in larger quantities. The increased production is lowering the cost into a range that's affordable for residential repair and restoration."

Fortress Stabilization Systems Fortress Stabilization Systems

Jackson's biggest challenge is educating homeowners about the benefits of using carbon fibers for foundation repair. "Many people just don't believe that a thin fiber material can hold up a wall," he says.

Fortress dispels some of this skepticism by guaranteeing the system, when installed by a certified contractor, for the life of the home. The carbon fiber never fails with proper installation, says Jackson, but it's important to pay attention to sill plate design and properly diagnose lateral loading of the foundation wall.

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