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Cost of Concrete Pavers
Time: 02:31
Answers to frequently asked questions about concrete pavers, including cost considerations.

Concrete paver contractors price jobs on an installed basis -- the pavers and the installation comes as a package.

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Some of the factors affecting price include:

  • The nature of the preparation (removal of existing pavement or soil).
  • The depth of the base material.
  • The cost of base material and labor in your area.
  • How elaborate the installation is.
  • The size of the project.

OK. You know all this -- you just want to know approximately what concrete pavers cost!

Paver Price Ranges:

Use of pavers as a driveway material:

  • Basic Design Installation Cost: $4 - $6 per square foot
  • Elaborate Design Installation Cost: $7 - $20 per square foot, depending on design features included (such as borders and multiple color and pattern combinations)

Source: Bob Harris Guide to Stamped Concrete

What is cheaper poured concrete or pavers?

Having plain gray concrete poured is much cheaper than getting pavers installed. However if you go with decorative concrete that has color, texture or pattern, the price becomes comparable to low-end pavers.