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Cost of Concrete Pavers
Time: 02:31
Answers to frequently asked questions about concrete pavers, including cost considerations.

Concrete paver contractors price jobs on an installed basis -- the pavers and the installation comes as a package.

Some of the factors affecting price include:

  • The nature of the preparation (removal of existing pavement or soil).
  • The depth of the base material.
  • The cost of base material and labor in your area.
  • How elaborate the installation is.
  • The size of the project.

OK. You know all this -- you just want to know approximately what concrete pavers cost!

Consider this scenario:
Use of pavers as a driveway material:
Basic Design Installation Cost: $4 - $6 per square foot
Elaborate Design Installation Cost: $7 - $20 per square foot, depending on design features included (such as borders and multiple color and pattern combinations)
Source: Bob Harris Guide to Stamped Concrete

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