Tony and Terry Leos of Custom Concrete Solutions in Selma, TX were hired by a custom home builder who was building a castle house for a innovative client. The unique home design was found at, and the client wanted the entire castle home to include stained concrete to reflect the old-world feel.

According to Tony, "The idea from the homeowner was that although the home was just recently built, they wanted the look and feel of castle floors: old rock and wood." Known for his handcrafted, custom-cut flooring, Tony wasted no time coming up with innovative ideas and determining what tools he would need to create the requested look. In one day, Tony and Joe Leos designed a custom-built tool to cut perfect 360-degree radiuses that he would use on the floors.

Tony spent time in the castle house pulling dimensions to figure out how he would lay the custom flooring prior to actual cutting. He had to determine how wide to lay the concrete wood planks and custom stone. Next he used a pneumatic "scaler" to cut the mortar joints.

Another room in the castle was designed circular. Tony laid out the floor circles using his new custom tool. The floors were all colored with Kemiko concrete stains in Malay Tan, Vintage Umber, and Raw Umber. Stone Tone Sealer was used with Kemiko Easy Shine Wax.

Custom Concrete Solutions is well known in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. It may be just concrete to some, but to CCS it is a "blank canvas and we get to be Picasso."

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