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Additional measures are required for an unheated building. Unheated garages and other outbuildings rely on heat from the earth, which is a fairly constant 50 degrees, instead of heat from the buildings interior.

While a drainage layer is only recommended under wing insulation for heated buildings, a 6-inch drainage layer is required under unheated FPSF designs. Additionally, the horizontal ground insulation extends not only as a wing beyond the perimeter of the building, but continues under the entire unheated portion of the building. This insulation layer can be installed either directly under the slab, or entirely at one level beneath the lowest portion of the footing. In either case, and it must bear on 6 to 12 inches of gravel, and the compressive load of the building on the insulation must be determined to compare to the compressive resistance of the foam. The horizontal insulation must have a minimum of 10 inches of soil cover.

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