Admixtures are used for one purpose: to improve some characteristics of the concrete. This section will include admixtures that can be used to provide the following results:

  • Protect Against Freeze Thaw Cycles Improve Durability
  • Water Reduction in the Mix
  • Mid-Range water reducers
  • High-Range water reducers superplasticizers
  • High Strength Concrete
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Set Acceleration
  • Strength Enhancement
  • Set Retardation
  • Crack Control (shrinkage reduction)
  • Flowability
  • Finish Enhancement
  • Fly Ash- Making Concrete Stronger, More Durable, and Easier to Work With
  • Silica Fume: Early Strength and Reduced Permeability
  • Produce a fluid backfill, which flows easily and is self leveling

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