QuestionsIf you can answer all these questions accurately, you stand a good chance of getting accurate results when testing fresh concrete.

1. How many times is each layer of concrete rodded in a slump cone?



c.12 to 15

2. How many layers are placed to fill a slump cone?

a.5 layers

b.3 equal layers by volume

c.3 equal layers by height

3. After placing concrete in each of the three layers in a 0.25 ft3 pressure-method air meter base, what is done next?

a.Place the next layer.

b.Tap the outside of the base 12 to 15 times to remove any remaining large voids.

c.Strike off the layer.

4. After placing each layer in a slump cone, the outside of the cone is tapped to remove remaining voids.


5. To properly measure concrete temperature, the stem of the thermometer must be surrounded by at least ___ inches of concrete.

6. The concrete thermometer must be ______ before it is removed from the concrete.

7. All fresh concrete tests are conducted _______ any field adjustments are made to the mix.

Answers:1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-False, 5-3, 6-read, 7- after

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