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  • This driveway design was created using a combination of tile and brick stencil patterns. Using a brick soldier-course pattern on both sides of the control joint lines is an effective way to disguise them.
  • For this driveway, coordinating colors were used to match the house and create a harmonious look. Ramirez used a brick soldier-course pattern along the joint lines and filled in the fields with a herringbone pattern. Because the driveway is on a cul-de-sac, a decorative medallion was placed in the center to add balance and detract from the uneven approach.
  • A combination of brick soldier course and herringbone stencil patterns make a long, narrow driveway appear wider. The arch shape above the home’s front window and garage door is repeated in the driveway design.
  • Ramirez likes to combine brick-look stencil patterns with special design accents and color combinations to add interest and distinction.

You might call Carlos Ramirez Jr., owner of Custom Ram Designs, a master stencilist. For more than 13 years, he has been using adhesive-backed stencils and concrete overlays to transform the look of existing residential driveways. His philosophy is that a driveway should add to the character of a house, rather than take away from it.

For all of his stenciled overlays, Ramirez uses an acrylic-resin-based cementitious base, applying it using different techniques, from spraying to troweling, to create a variety of textural effects.

To create his distinctive designs, he uses adhesive-backed stencils from Universal Templates, which come in a variety of stone, brick, cobblestone, and tile patterns as well as special accent designs such as decorative medallions and star motifs. The sturdy tear-resistant stencils are made of high-impact recycled plastic. At a thickness of nearly ¼ inch, they create deep, long-lasting impressions that resist wear from vehicle traffic and abrasion.

Here are a few of Ramirez’s secrets for achieving the decorative stenciled looks you see here:

  • Use multiple colors to create interest and define the various patterns. Ramirez chooses color schemes that complement the home and surrounding landscape.
  • To disguise control joint cuts, use a brick soldier-course stencil along both sides of the joint lines to make them part of the pattern.
  • Apply two coats of sealer to the stenciled overlay to make it more resistant to weather exposure and vehicle traffic. “Power washing once a year and resealing every two to three years will keep the overlay looking great for years. Keeping the surface clean of sand and grit will also help control abrasive breakdown,” Ramirez says.

Stencils Universal Templates
Nashua, NH
Phone: 888-568-4128

Contractor Carlos Ramirez Jr.
Custom Ram Designs, Belleview, Fla.

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