Brian has always been involved in concrete. When he was 14 years old he organized his first concrete pour. Working with local ready mix companies and a group of Boy Scouts he was able to execute his first ready mix flatwork pour. This was a service project to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout.

Brian has a strong background in imprinted concrete cementitious toppings, vertical installations, pervious systems, high performance coatings and precast work. Currently he is Director of Technical Services for Bomanite Group International. He has conducted Architectural Concrete Trainings all over the United States and in 10 different countries. The favorite part of his job is the responsibility to oversee the research and development of new decorative systems and products. As with many in the decorative concrete industry he owes much of his knowledge to three individuals that he considers mentors and friends: Terry Grimble currently with The Bomanite Company, Chris Sullivan with Chem. Systems Inc. and Matt Casto, his first employer in the decorative concrete industry.

Brian loves being a part of the Concrete Network Family. His desire is to help share with the architectural concrete community the beauty of International Decorative Concrete.


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