Each year Concrete Network receives project submissions from all over the country. We share many of these floors, countertops and outdoor surfaces on the website throughout the year. Congratulations to the following contractors for being selected as one of the top ten projects submitted during 2012.


Concrete Polishing to the Rescue

Floor Rescue, a Dallas-based business was called in to restore concrete flooring with an integrally colored cap that had been installed incorrectly. During the diamond grinding process, the homeowner asked for more and more aggregate to be exposed until large exposure was reached. Then the floors was skimmed with a polishable decorative patch to fill the pin holes where the occasional piece of aggregate had popped out during grinding. Read more about how polishing was used to restore this floor.

Concrete Floors Replicate a Riverbed

According to Abner Peachey of Rosebud Concrete, LEED points and the ability to replicate a river bottom were the main reasons concrete was used in this home. To mark the pathway between the kitchen and living room, local river rock was hand seeded into the floor before grinding and polishing. For energy efficiency, the floor slab was installed over an insulated foam panel decking system topped with radiant in-floor heating. Learn more about how local stone was used to embellish this floor.

It’s All in the Details

WhenCustom Concrete Solutions first stepped on the scene this auto shop floor was covered in decades of grease and grime. After a full day of grinding multiple coats of epoxy were applied to the floor to create the look of individual parking spaces for when cars come in to be detailed. A custom made aluminum-based decal was used to create a logo in the center of the floor. Get more information on how this epoxy coating was applied.

Baseball-Themed Concrete Floor

CCI Flooring in Chicago helped carry the White Sox baseball theme from the stadium into the retail store. This floor was created using a metallic epoxy and specialty stencils to create baseball stitches running through the store. Multiple layers of the epoxy were applied to create a thickness that would give the floor depth and variation in color. Find out more about how this baseball themed floor was created.


Concrete Island in White

With this countertop Hard Topix Precast Concrete of Jenison, MI proved that a 60-square-foot concrete kitchen island could be cast in one seamless piece. Made of GFRC, yet still weighing 750 pounds, the island is the largest piece the company has ever made. A titanium white pigment and white silica sand were used to achieve the brilliant white color. The counter was finished off with light grinding to expose the sand and a topical sealer. See more photos and get more details about this white concrete island.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Sink

Trueform Concrete in Rockaway, NJ turned the logo of Blair’s Sauces & Snacks into this one-of-a-kind sink. The mold was built using expanding foam that was carved into the desired shape and then sanded smooth. Then fabric was stretched and stapled over the foam to further ensure smoothness. A fiberglass coating was then applied to the mold to create a hard shell. Red GFRC was sprayed over the mold to create the sink basin. Learn more about the creation of this chili pepper sink.

Concrete Table Mimics Reclaimed Wood

JM Lifestyles created this one-of-a-kind table for a residential wine cellar using their proprietary WoodForm mold system and coloration process to mimic random-size wood planking with bark edge detailing. The tasting table is supported by steel legs set atop concrete plinth blocks. A concrete sink and countertop were also part of the project. Get more information on how this table was created to look and feel just like wood, but offer the superior performance of concrete.

Concrete Bartop Enhances Upscale Tavern

Ram Restaurant & Brewery in Federal Way, Wash., hired Absolute ConcreteWorks to create a bartop that would add to the atmosphere of their deluxe tavern. The bartop was cast out of integrally colored GFRC and embellished with tumbled white marble. Concrete was selected for its eco-friendly attributes, organic look and boundless design versatility. Learn more about how this concrete bar top was created.


Tiered Concrete Patio Mimics Natural Grouted Stone

Salzano Custom Concrete helped create a large backyard patio with the look of slate for these Centreville, Va., homeowners. Using stamped concrete colored with a special technique saved them half the cost of real stone. The patio is tiered to accommodate the slope of the backyard. The stamp pattern used was Old English Slate and the base concrete was colored with Increte’s Philly blue color hardener. Three or four accent colors were used for marbling and highlighting to produce a multicolor stone effect. Find out more about how this patio mimics slate.

A Stamped Concrete Driveway Is Customized to Blend with Home’s Architecture

This home had an old broom-finished concrete driveway and sidewalk that needed replacing. J&H Decorative Concrete ripped them out and replaced them with stamped and colored concrete in a palette that complements the brick home. A decorative border and bands through the driveway help to break up the concrete and give it more character. Proline's old granite seamless cleft stone pattern was used to texture the entire project. Get more details on this custom stamped concrete driveway.

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