Tim Seay shares tips from his experience with the most popular decorative concrete applications.

Stained Concrete - How and Why to Make Samples

Time: 03:40

Plus, see Tim's stained concrete sample kit. He keeps his entire sample kit, including available colors, in one small box.

Staining Concrete - Getting Concrete Stain to Penetrate the Surface

Time: 03:33

Concrete can be so dense the concrete stain will not penetrate the surface. In this video, Tim shows how to open up the surface so the stain will penetrate the concrete — without using a brush and leaving brush marks.

Metallic Epoxy Installation Tips

Time: 02:55

Metallic Epoxy is hot! In this video, Tim shows how to spread metallic epoxy without leaving roller marks.

Troweled Concrete Overlays

Time: 02:02

In this video Tim Seay gives his tips for troweled concrete overlays, including how to add texture to each piece of "slate" in the design.