Skateboarders Surf the Wave of Decorative Concrete at new Skatepark in Santa Cruz, CA

By Khara Dizmon, Managing Editor

'Riding the wave' takes on a whole new meaning at the Mike Fox Skatepark in Santa Cruz, CA where skateboarders can ride an 18' full pipe shaped and colored to look like an ocean wave, along with 15,000 square feet of concrete bowls, ramps and other features all vibrantly colored with acid stained concrete.

According to the blog, Santa Cruz Skatepark, a graphic grey-tone wave illustration was transferred onto the full pipe using a blasting mat, paper wave outline, two coats of stain, and "two days of hand painting a sealer on only the blue part [of the wave] to add contrast to the color." (Read more details about the planning of the skate park design here.)

The wave was designed and created by skateboarder and artist Judi Oyama, Santa Cruz skate artist Jimbo Phillips, and concrete artist Dave Pettigrew of Diamond D Company.

Over 15,000 square feet of acid stain covers the park, and was applied by Tom Ralston Concrete, including staining the inside of the wave.

Check out the images of this awesome project!

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