Acid Stained Floors Installed in a Local Church

By Sarah Tate, Columnist

Innovative Concrete Surfaces recently completed acid stained floors for First Baptist Church of Marco Island. Two rooms of the church were stained, the coffee shop and the teen room.

Ryan, the owner of Innovative Concrete Surfaces, says, "We got the job by being in the right place, at the right time." He had noticed that there was a project underway at a local restaurant, so he went in and asked the contractor if they need someone to acid stain the floors. They didn't need anyone for the restaurant, but it turns out they had a job at a church that required staining. Because of his diligence, and his good timing, Ryan got the job.

When he took the job, Ryan thought he was facing a simple staining project; however, it turns out that a lot of surface preparation was required before they could apply the stains. The teen room was not original going to be stained, so the contractors that had poured the concrete applied a cure and seal product on the floor, which made it impossible for stains to penetrate into the concrete. Ryan and his crew had to do extensive grinding on the floor to remove the cure and seal so that the stains would react. In the coffee shop, the cure and seal had not been applied, but the concrete was very beat up from the abuse of the construction process. This floor had to be completely resurfaced to create a smooth surface.

After finishing the surface preparation, the staining process went smoothly. Decosup's ChemTone Acid Stains were used for both floors. The coffee shop was stained with the Saddle stain and the teen room was stained with the Blue Di Mare.

Although Ryan met some challenges early on with this project, in the end the floors turned out great. He was glad that the general contractor realized that it was not Innovative Concrete Surfaces' fault that the job took longer than expected, in fact it was his own mistake because he didn't prepare the floors properly.

Innovative Concrete Surfaces, Inc
Ryan Seckler
Naples, FL 34134

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