At the 2020 World of Concrete, we met Tim Phelps, from iCoat, and learned about their revolutionary One Day Stain. We recently followed up with him to learn more about this new product. Here’s a recap of our conversation:

One Day Stain Flooring
Time: 10:25
Watch how you can refresh the floor in a business without any downtime.

How did you come up with the One Day Stain system?

About 6 years ago, a request for a job came through. A friend’s restaurant that was remodeling needed their floors stained, but needed it done in 1-2 days. A task that is normally not possible. After a talk with the iCoat chemist, it was determined that a product from a couple of years prior, that never went to market, may be the best solution for the job. After a few adjustments, it was ready to be applied.

On the day of the job, the 4,000 square foot floor had been prepped and was ready for application. After 4 hours, including taping off the area, spraying, and sealing, the project was complete. “After 6 years of heavy use that floor still looks brand new,” Tim added.

What makes this product different from traditional stains?

Like traditional stains, the One Day Stain system introduces color to existing concrete surfaces. "However, unlike traditional stains, a business can be open the next day with new floors,” says Tim.

Here are a few key areas where this product goes beyond the status quo:

  • Customized colors are available
  • Penetrates the surface like polyurethane
  • Can be semi-transparent or mimic a polished look
  • Almost no VOCs and meets all LEED standards
  • Can be applied without closing the business or home
  • Touch-up or fixes can be applied seamlessly
  • No need to rinse or mop after application
  • Reduces labor time and is ready to seal immediately
  • Projects can be completed in a few hours

What is the required prep?

One Day Stain will adhere to anything, even itself. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the surface you are looking to stain. Start with a good mopping, then a light acid wash to remove any laitance, followed by a final mopping. “A light grinding can also be beneficial, but it is important to make sure every bit of dust has been removed,” said Tim. The One Day Stain system goes down very thin, so any residual traces could impair the finish. After grinding, he recommends vacuuming and mopping thoroughly before application.

Here are some project examples he shared:

Before and after of VIP Mortgage. The concrete was badly damaged and was not a candidate for traditional stains. One Day Stain was able to rejuvenate the space.

Remodel of a home built in the 1950s. The original concrete was discolored, and the removal of walls exposed uneven areas. After patching, leveling and prepping, a grey-on-grey One Day Stain, was applied to make the space look like new.

Quick restaurant floor revival. A restaurant’s stained floor had lost its seal over the years. One Day Stain was able to bring the floor back to life with seamless blending.

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