Brown Floors Pictures
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

In Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., this damaged, existing concrete floor was poorly finished, and caused Staintec owner, Glen Roman, to reconsider even taking on the job. At EJI’s Corner Shop/Candy Bouquet, owners Chito and Emily Alcantara wanted to improve the look of their concrete floor on a budget. To add a touch of design to the floor, Roman and co-op installer Marty Meewis of Colors on Concrete, created a circular pattern mirroring the circular track of lights above. The floor was colored with Concrete Coatings Mahogany stain. The circular area was colored with an Amber border, a Walnut ring, and then was faux-finished on the inside with Amber and a heavy cast of ironite, and a diluted mixture of Mahogany. Seal Tech 25 was applied and then the entire floor was given six coats of a wax finish. The project size was 2,300 square feet. Average cost: $3 square foot.

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