While attending the Ram Jack Distribution dealer panel meeting October 24-26, 2001 in Ada, Oklahoma, I learned why you should consider Ram Jack if you are interested in an opportunity in the foundation repair business. As well, the trip provided a lesson in how seemingly overnight successes are most often founded on years of hands on experience.

Ram Jack manufactures hydraulically driven steel piers in Ada, OK. It distributes the piers through its nationwide network of foundation repair dealers. The dealers repair sinking foundations for both residential and commercial customers.

Steve Gregory and his son Darren, along with Scott Robeson, formed Ram Jack Distribution in 1999. Since Ram Jack dealers service a substantial part of the United States - it appears on the surface that Ram Jack is literally an overnight success. Upon closer inspection, however, one finds that Steve Gregory has been operating the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas offices since 1984. He also owns and operates the San Antonio, TX office. His son, Darren, owns the Ram Jack dealership in Tulsa, OK.

I think this "hands on" operating experience is vital to someone considering the Ram Jack opportunity: you are dealing with people who are actually successfully running a business just like the one you will be running if you proceed with the Ram Jack business opportunity. They know the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in the business.

An example: Ron Davidson, who is in charge of dealer development, also makes the sales calls for the local Ram Jack office-so he knows first hand what works and what doesn't work. You can go on sales calls with him to see how the jobs should be sold. Compare this against working with a "salesman" who is there to sell you a dealership but has never even seen a customer at their home or business. There is no comparison.

Another example: Chris Bacon, who is the national field manager for Ram Jack Distribution, has years of experience in the field installing piers. His father has worked with Steve Gregory in one capacity or another for 25 years. Chris visits each dealer for training and to does "piling tests" on behalf of the dealer for local real estate professionals, soil engineers, structural engineers, and others in the local dealers area who would benefit knowing what the local Ram Jack dealer could do for them.

Specifics of the Ram Jack Opportunity

A key component to the Ram Jack business opportunity is the concept "complimentary service." Their proposition shows you how you can increase profits in an existing business that is already operating profitably by adding on foundation repair as a complimentary service. You already have your fixed general administrative and production overhead covered-adding a highly profitable division can really make company profits grow. It is important to note that Ram Jack is not a franchise-you do not pay royalties.

True to form, all four dealer panel members I met had added on foundation repair to existing businesses. Rick Sykes of Durham, North Carolina has a waterproofing business. Chris Schauwecker has a firm in Marietta, Ohio that provides a variety of other construction services-although Chris noted, "I am focusing more and more on the Ram Jack part of our business." Eddie Bolton of Milan, Tennessee came from the house moving industry.

Why the foundation repair industry?

Many of the houses that forensic engineers and repair contractors are asked to evaluate were constructed with foundations that are inadequate for the conditions on the site. Because of the lack of suitable land, homes are often built on marginal land that has insufficient bearing capacity to support the structure.

In addition, there are many areas of the country where the new surface soils consist predominantly of expansive clays that shrink and swell as their moisture content changes.

In just the last few years, the laws requiring disclosure on home sales have changed and now the vast majority of homes with problems are repaired prior to sale.

Ram Jack dealers modify an existing foundation system by underpinning it with hydraulically driven steel piers. The piers extend to or into solid subsurface strata that is deeper and more stable than the near surface soil that supports the existing foundation system. The average pier depth in the country is 22'.

Consider joining the Ram Jack family

Saying a company operates with a family atmosphere is such a clich that I hate to say it-but I will say it about Ram Jack anyway. Steve and Darren Gregory, and Scott Robeson could have told me about the family atmosphere, but it was the four dealer panel members that convinced me.

It's hard not to be like family in Ada, OK. Friday morning Steve Gregory, Chris Bacon, Andrew Robeson (Scott's son), and I, snuck out for 9 holes at the "Eccentric Duffer" executive course. The scorecard says the "Eccentric Duffer" is 1.0 mile west of the Holnan Cement Smokestack on Reeves Rd. I didn't have clubs but the course proprietor said, "Take these, and here are some golf balls and tees too. That doesn't happen in California.

Steve Gregory made me feel like family on the course too. Several times he allowed me to pull errant shots out of the thick Juniper trees. He did draw the line at where I placed the retrieved ball though, "You can take it out of the tree, but you can't place it in the open-stay behind the tree." Even nice people have their limits I suppose.

If you are considering a complimentary business opportunity for your company: talk to Ram Jack. Contact Ron Davidson at 888-332-9909.