Concrete Solutions Product
Time: 01:06
Listen to Bart Sadlier share information about Concrete Solutions' unique product line for coloring and caring for concrete.

Earlier this month I drove down to San Diego to visit with Rod, Gerry, and Bart Sadleir of Concrete Solutions about their new product "Spray-Top." They have tested this new product for quite awhile now and were enthusiastic to show it off. Concrete Solutions manufactures a host of decorative concrete and concrete resurfacing materials. In 1997 they introduced decorative stamped overlays at the World of Concrete show. Rod Sadleir commented, "In January of 2002 we will again introduce a revolutionary new concrete resurfacing product and system, "Spray-Top", that we believe will soon be in equal or even greater demand than the 1/4" Stamping System, simply because Spray-Top provides the ability to color or re-color any concrete surface, plain or textured, in a thin, cementitious coating. A coating that is sprayed on like a paint, but it is not a paint; it's cement!"

I have a lot of confidence in Concrete Solutions for one reason: when I talk to contractors around the country who join The Concrete Network who do concrete resurfacing and I ask them whose products they use. Concrete Solutions is mentioned by the contractors and only good things about the company are said. In my view, the rubber meets the road with the contractors. They are the ones who deal with the repercussions of a poor product or poor service from a manufacturer. So if the contractor likes the product and the people in a company, then I get a good feeling and have no reservations about referring that company.

What is "Spray-Top"?

Spray-Top is a polymer-modified cement coating applied with a special paint gun. It sprays on so thin that the existing texture of the concrete is preserved. Pay close attention to that last sentence as this product is not intended to change the existing surface texture whatsoever. The texture you have before you apply the product is the same texture you will have after the product is applied. Here are some of the product's applications:

  • Resurface concrete that is stained, faded, or discolored to a like-new appearance.

  • Resurface decorative stamped concrete that has faded or discolored over the years. Treat with a thin layer of "Spray-Top" and re-color to provide the original color or a different color without changing the original pattern or texture.

  • "Spray Top" as a resurfacing coat for providing a uniform colored cement surface prior to applying an acid stain

How is "Spray-Top" applied?

One of the advantages "Spray-Top" has over other cementitious coating materials is the way it is applied. Conventional cementitious coating application methods include troweling, squeegeeing, brushing, brooming, sponging, or spraying with a hopper gun to achieve a bumpy or textured finish. These concrete resurfacing methods require experience and skill to achieve a satisfactory result.

Applying Spray-Top" requires no training. Concrete Solutions has taken conventional paint spraying equipment and modified it to work with the "Spray-Top" material. Anyone who knows how to operate a paint sprayer can apply "Spray Top."

Some Application Scenarios

At San Diego State University, the colored concrete at the front entrance to one of the buildings was faded and patched, causing an unsightly appearance. Concrete resurfacing was the solution. The surface was prepped, "Spray-Top" was installed, a protective sealer was installed (Ultra Surface Sealcoat 1000 clear topcoat sealer).

At a new commercial building, the contractor poured these tables and benches in the wrong color. After test applications were done, the architect approved the "Spray-Top" solution and the color was corrected. The contractor's superintendent stated this solution saved the contractor (or their insurance company) $25,000.

A homeowner's driveway in San Diego had a large rust stain from a leaky radiator. The driveway was cleaned and "Spray-Top" was applied to cover up the stain and make the driveway look like new.

The homeowner was unhappy with the color of his stamped concrete driveway and patio and wanted it changed from a faded gray with charcoal antiquing to tan with a brown antiquing. The surface was cleaned, and tan colored "Spray-Top" was applied. Antiquing was done, and then Ultra Surface Stamped Concrete Sealer and Ultra Surface Acrylic Urethane were applied.

The Hyatt Regency in La Jolla will soon have "Spray-Top" installed on approximately 16,000 square feet at their front driveway, valet area, and in front of some restaurants. I plan on recording this application and bringing you the results.

For more information, contact Rod Sadleir toll free at 800-232-8311