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  • Pool deck steps up to rock salt finished area.
  • Applying stain to each piece of the Ashlar Slate pattern is extremely labor intensive.
  • Highlight tints are added.
  • The added tints are dabbedwith a cloth for a natural look.
  • Shows bands around pool edge and patio edge.
  • Click to enlarge this picture! This was plain finished concrete slab earlier in the day.
  • Lines are burnished to make them dark.

Concrete Staining is gaining in popularity by the minute. Some of the work craftsman are doing with stains is truly fabulous. This week I was in Riverside California watching Concrete Art transform a plain broom finished concrete section of pool deck into an ashlar slate pattern with multiple color hues. While the finished product looks like ashlar slate - there is none of the roughness, unevenness, or expense of stone.

On this project, the stain colors were selected to blend with the artificial rock on the homes facade. Six different colors were used. The pool deck area next to the home and leading up to the pool and fireplace were stained. The area above a step up on the deck was given a rock salt finish (done by the contractor who built the pool deck). Notice that Concrete Art left the bands around the pool edge and around the patio plain color so it looks like the ashlar slate has been set into place.

This procedure is very labor intensive- it took 4 men all day to do this project. They spend most the day installing multiple coats of stain- two base coats and then the various color coats. Then they do mottling so the stains have a natural variegated look instead of being solid colored. Finally, a faux coat is installed to bring out the colors, all the lines are burnished with a stiff wire brush, and then a breathable sealer is installed to protect the surface.

I was impressed by the pace of the project, but also by the ability of the craftsman to keep individual colors within the lines of each stone pattern- and also off the plain concrete bands. Compared to plain concrete pool decking- this surface is stunning.

Concrete Art is located in Carlsbad California and serves all of southern California. They do interior flooring for businesses and residences, pool decks, driveways, and many different types of specialty projects.

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