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Cary Grant, owner of Floor Seasons, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, likes to keep things simple. His company focuses mainly on concrete staining. "We come up with new techniques all the time, and by far, concrete staining is our passion," says Grant. "It is great to push ourselves to new heights and achieve them," says Grant.

Floor Seasons creates many beautiful stained interior floors for residential clients.

If you think concentrating mainly on concrete staining would hold Grant back, think again. "Out here there's a large union company that does practically all the hotels in Vegas, so people are always seeing great concrete staining and other mediums of applications. Then they look to find a non-union company to do their smaller scale jobs (i. e. residential, restaurants, churches, etc.), that's usually, and hopefully, when they find Floor Seasons - it's like free advertising for me," Grant laughs. After finding Floor Seasons, they then discover their outstanding body of work and great business track record.

Grant also completes impressive exterior stain work.

When Grant first started to venture into decorative concrete, it came with a roller coaster ride of emotions. "I remember telling my fiance, now wife, that I was scared and I didn't know where I was going to get the work from, or how to run a business at all," he says. "Three days later, she sat up in bed and said 'floor seasons' and that's where the name came from. A week later, I was beating the pavement and going door-to-door, and job site-to-job site, selling jobs. One year later, after receiving my contractor's license, I started making a profit, and now was making enough that my wife was able to stop working at an unfulfilling job and pursue the administrative part of Floor Seasons."

Grant is now set to support others with his line of how-to videos. They are aimed at weekend warriors and contractors who want to take their concrete staining business to the next level. The videos follow projects completed by Floor Seasons, covering the entire process of concrete staining, including preparation, cleaning, layout, stain application, and sealing. Also featured are specialty techniques such as saw-cutting, using additives, pre-sealing, and board work to separate colors. "My video line allows almost anyone to complete a concrete staining job, and it may also inspire someone to open, or grow, their own company," explains Grant.

Commercial concrete staining for restaurants and other locals is also part of Floor Seasons repertoire.

Not bad for a guy who started out stripping and waxing floors. Grant credits his old boss with getting him into concrete staining. "My boss would always teach us new stuff, and in 1997 he started teaching us concrete staining," Grant explains, adding that he would often practice new techniques on the concrete slabs of large commercial jobs before laying down carpet. He also credits Bob Harris' Guide to Stained Concrete Interior Floors, as well as old-fashioned trial and error, with his success as a concrete artisan.

"At the time, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and that no one would be interested in stained concrete," Grant says of his induction into the world of concrete staining. Lucky for him, he stuck with it and is now working with some of the biggest builders in the Las Vegas area, where he spends about 60 percent of his time on commercial jobs and the remaining 40 percent on residential work, including indoor and outdoor applications.

The concrete stain designs created by Floor Seasons are incredibly custom and detailed.

Various projects Grant has crafted include a Gecko he stained on the interior entryway of a Las Vegas residence; a picture of the world he stained under a sundial at the PSI Seminars' Ranch in Napa Valley, Calif.; a company logo and dog paw prints he airbrushed onto the floor of Flea Bag's, a store for dogs and their owners, in an upscale retail area near Las Vegas; a 20-foot by 20-foot sample of various Floor Seasons' concrete staining work on the floor of Concrete Accessories, which is a Vegas landmark that supplies much of the material Floor Seasons uses for jobs; and a residential bathroom in Las Vegas, where Grant stained the floor blue, sealed it, cut in stars, cut away the excess concrete, and used another shade of blue stain to re-stain the cutaway areas before resealing the entire floor.

Floor Season's latest and greatest project was the new Red Rock Visitor's Center just outside of Las Vegas. The center was Grant's first government project. Floor Seasons was involved in the staining of the earth, wind, and fire pavilion and also a map showing various trails in the Red Rock area. Each pavilion came with it's own set of challenges, which, as usual, Grant and his artists were able to overcome. One he remembers specifically was a life-like version of a snake that is indigenous to the region. "After finally agreeing upon what technique and which snake to do, the outcome is a visual masterpiece. In the end, they are happy, we are happy, and the work will be seen by the visitors that experience the interactive museum," explains Grant.

A life-like indigenous snake was created using concrete stains as part of the interactive display at the Red Rock Visitor Center.

Grant often dons the designer cap for his clients, always taking into account such things as the existing space, it's style and surroundings, then offering up a plan based on the client's budget. "I enjoy working with my clients to stay on budget, on schedule and achieve their vision," he says. "That way they keep coming back for more."

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