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Southern FL
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nvrnmnt offers innovative applications for your indoor and outdoor environment furnishings, countertops, integral sinks, tables, benches, lighting, planters, receptacles, modular wall systems and custom product design.

nvrnmnt designs innovative elements using fiber reinforced lightweight concrete. The fibers serve a purpose comparable to the reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete, they improve flexural, tensile and impact strength allowing for the production of strong and durable, yet thin and lightweight designs. The material characteristics allow us to design architectural, landscaping & environment control solutions never thought probable.

Do you have a custom design? Our designs have superior strength, durability, and environmental performance with a wide range of pattern, finish and color options.

  • Concrete Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Concrete Furniture
  • Concrete Tables
  • Concrete Planters
  • Custom Concrete

Work with one of our designers to create your own custom nvrnmnt. Give us a call to talk about your ideas and project.