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Fred Mather
23222 Mariposa Ave
Torrance, CA 90502
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We'll make it look new again! Concrete polishing for interior floors, restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores & industrial facilities. Our customer will receive a great service & a beautiful looking floor.

The choice to have a polished concrete floor holds many benefits for the owner, but usually the most important benefits are the low maintenance and how long the floor will last. Most polished concrete floors often save an owner an average of over a $1 per square foot per year in maintenance.

This cost savings is realized through less wear and tear on cleaning equipment, costly chemicals, and periodic patching or replacement of traditional flooring finishes.

Polished concrete has a permanent finish; the owner will recognize the cost savings of a polished concrete floor even more when the floor is at an age when traditional floor finishes would need to be replaced.

Our trained staff of technicians is certified in concrete polishing and use the latest machinery and methods. We offer a comprehensive quality control program with prompt, courteous and professional service. We are a fully bonded and insured company.

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